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D.I.Y. B**ch

This DIY project was all me! Ok, more like 95% me. Kevin did help a little bit but I actually did most of it all by myself! I even cut wood with an electric saw! Scary!

I also have to note that I decided to blog this project today because I’m away from home and missing my sweet husband! Normally on Sunday, we do some sort of exercising and then spend the majority of the day watching football and checking our fantasy football scores every few seconds. Missing that today but was happy to spend the day with my mom going shopping and cooking!

Back to the b**ch! Kevin has been wanting a bench in our entryway since before we even moved into our house. Shoot, before it was even done being built. I planned this bench off of a Pottery Barn design, the Samantha Entryway Bench – We didn’t want our bench to be quite as long so I changed up the dimensions and only put in two cubby holes instead of three. Most of our money for this project was used on the baskets. We bought two baskets from Target for $15 each.

Again, we were able to use some left over wood from our sideboard and only had to spend about $5 on extra wood. Obviously, we had some poor planning during that first project and bought entirely too much wood! Amazingly, I was able to cut all the wood to the proper dimensions and came away unscathed during my first attempt at using a real saw!


The biggest and best part about this bench was how I painted the wood. We wanted the bench to be white (most of our furniture is dark and our hardwood floors are pretty dark), but we wanted it to look a little roughened. I found the idea of how to “distress” wood with Vaseline from the Shanty 2 Chic website – It actually worked out really well!

First, I painted around the edges of the wood with brown acrylic paint. I used Raw Umber acrylic paint that I purchased from Hobby Lobby for about 2 bucks.

After that paint had dried, which took less than an hour, I applied small amounts of Vaseline around the edges where I wanted the brown to show through after it was painted white. Then, I painted it all with Stone White Glidden Semi-Gloss Latex paint. I bought a quart of this paint for $11 and still have about half left over for another project! =]


I only painted one coat on the wood because the more distressed it looked, the better! After it was dried, I used that cute sander again to sand off the white paint where I placed Vaseline below.


Next, I started to assemble the b**ch. Haha. This was the most I have ever used our drill. Usually, Kevin does all this work but he was off being a handy husband and changing the oil in our vehicles so I did most of it myself! Hells yeah!

I used 1 and 2 inch wood screws to put together the main frame and the cubby holes.


Then I used Liquid Nails Paneling to attach all the side outs. Like I said before, this stuff is the jam. It rocks and sticks like, well like nails! =]

So far, this is my favorite thing we’ve built yet. I love the white paint with distressed edges and I love having a brighter piece of furniture in our home! We still need to find or make a cushion to put on the top, mainly so Macy has a more comfy place to rest her little booty.



Leave me a comment and let me know what you think! =]

3 comments on “D.I.Y. B**ch

  1. mom
    October 7, 2012

    It’s an awesome b**ch!! Love it:) Can you build something for me??

  2. Audrey
    October 8, 2012

    It took me way too long to make the connection of calling it a bench and a bad word.

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